For Active Employees

What happens to my benefits if I become disabled?

If you lose eligibility as an active employee due to an injury or illness, you may become eligible as a disabled employee if a disability extension of benefits has been negotiated on your behalf. Find out more at the Disability Extension of Benefits page. Other options may be self-payment and COBRA Continuation of Coverage.
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Vision Care Benefits

Plan Administrator

Medical Eye Services (MES) or Vision Service Plan (VSP)

How the Benefits Work

For most employees, vision care benefits are provided through Medical Eye Services (MES). However, a limited number of employees have vision care benefits through VSP. Refer to the Schedule of Benefits by Employer to find out which vision care provider you should use and for details about your benefits.

What the Plan Covers

  • One exam and lenses once every 12 months
  • Frames once every 24 months

Filing a Claim

When you use a network provider, you will not need to file a claim.